Laura Miles-Boardman

Laura started Outdraw in early 2015 with the belief that visual communication was under-utilised in our professional environments. Her habit of carrying a sketchbook everywhere and drawing to understand information has turned into a profession. She has since explained ideas across Healthcare, NFP’s, Design, Finance, Energy, Retail and Start Ups internationally.

Idea facilitation in workshops;

“ Learning about the complexity of the challenges that organisations are facing, understanding the possible solutions and teasing out the insight from people who are working with the issues every day. Then drawing those ideas in a way that people can grasp quickly is a demanding but immensely rewarding way to spend a day.”

Report illustration;

“We live in a state of information overload. It is really hard to capture people’s attention. Being able to turn a bland document into something that gets noticed, picked up and read feels oddly powerful. It’s about taking in all the data and illustrating something that connects with the humanity of the subject matter. ”

rebecca bright

What do you do with a degree in medieval French and Spanish literature? Well, Rebecca has worked her way up through the ranks of some of the world’s most effective and creative advertising agencies, sharing her strategic nouse with clients in a huge range of sectors, at a Global and Local level. She is someone who gets an extraordinary amount done, which can be put down to her abundance of energy and the enviable ability to think both vertically and laterally with ease. More recently she’s appeared on Sky Portrait Artist of the Year with paintbrushes in hand, as well as producing bespoke illustrations for brands and individuals. You can see (and purchase) her personal work here.

Rebecca will be first point of contact throughout 2019 while Laura is on maternity leave. She’ll be shepherding your projects through to finalisation, and is also on hand to put pen to paper.

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Our creative network

We work with a small group of highly accomplished illustrators across the country, who are experienced at understanding the professional environment you work in and the challenges you face - whether that’s selling the benefits of a new idea, or trying to get people to read (and understand) new regulatory information.

Our illustrators are all independent, so spend their days working with a range of people and projects, picking up new information and inspiration all the time. This keeps their ideas diverse and fresh which is crucial to staying fantastic at what they do - and providing the best output for our client partners.