Storyboards, info-graphics and stand-alone illustrations that tell a story.

What for?

• Story-boards can be used in research context to find out if people are interested in a particular product or service. Great for talking to customers or getting buy in for start -ups.

• Turn research data into engaging infographics.

• Make reports a pleasure to pick up and illustrate graphs and diagrams to tie everything together in one design.

• Presenting? Give your audience some pictures to look at and talk through them. Images are a great prompt and allow you talk in a way that’s natural and relaxed.

• Banish stock photography and graphics from your website - bespoke illustrations are what it’s all about.

• Images for Print, editorial and marketing material.


live illustration

Also known as Scribing, Graphic Recording & Visual Minutes

This is for you if:

If you’re getting a group of people together for a meeting, workshop, lecture or conference and want a visually interesting way of capturing what’s going on.

Using pens on foam-board or paper to capture the main themes of the event and providing something that everyone will want a photo of and that you can share in a post event summary.

If a you’d like something higher tech we can draw digitally via laptop and tablet and connect to a screen.


visual facilitation

What is it?

We sit with you or your team to discuss an idea, often a business service, how it works, who it's for and what the benefits are then translating that into an image that will best communicate it to your audience in a style that will resonate.

What for?


Most frequently we do this as part of a workshop where we can circulate between groups and provide quick sketches for pitches

One to One

This is a popular way of exploring a new business or development within an existing business’s services


If you need to go into more detail it can be great process for creating bespoke images for formal pitch documents.