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Whatever we spend our time doing, effective communication is crucial to doing it well. 

I use illustration as a communication tool because it makes engaging with information, however complicated, easier and more enjoyable. 

Examples of what I do: 

I get approached to use Illustrations and diagrams as a way of explaining the content in an engaging way while also saving space. Ditching the stock diagrams means that there’s room for imagination and space to think about the specifics of what will resonate with your audience.

Images that are yours alone speak volumes in an environment where attention spans are short and stock images are over used. Particularly worthwhile if you’ll be doing the same presentation more than once or can re-purpose the images in reports and other documents or media channels. 

Collaborations & Co-creating
Excellent for groups of people at workshops and away days who are together for a short period of time and need an output of their combined thinking. I get asked to capture themes being covered on the day. Facilitate discussions to develop ideas and get it all down on paper in a format that can be pitched live in session or to work up to a glossier, evolved idea after the session to pitch later on. 

Here people often want a visual memory of what took place in terms of the speakers content, group discussions and atmosphere of the day.

I get asked to draw on walls as a welcome for potential clients coming in for a pitch, or conference delegates and retail spaces. 

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To discuss a fee for any of these don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can chat through the options that work to your budget.  

If your idea falls outside of these projects give me a call and we chat through the best way of doing it.