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Storyboards, infographics and stand-alone illustrations that tell a story.

What for?

It’s all about communication - allowing people to quickly and efficiently understand the subject at hand.

• Communicating an idea, product or service to internal stakeholders, to inspire potential customers or investors - or even for formal qualitative or quantitative research processes.

• Turning data into engaging, accessible, easy to understand visuals.

• Presenting prompts. Having bespoke images for your audience to look at and talk through is a great way to keep people’s attention, embed complex information quickly - as well as being a great prompt that allows the speaker talk in a way that’s natural and relaxed (without death by powerpoint!).

• Visuals that truly represent the message rather than generic, meaningless banish stock photography and graphics.

• Marketing material - from print and editorial - to digital pieces.

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Also known as scribing, graphic recording & visual minutes.

This is for you if:

If you’re getting a group of people together for a meeting, workshop, lecture or conference and want a visually interesting way of capturing what’s going on.

There are two options:

1/ Using pens on foam board or paper to capture the main themes of the event, providing stimulus that’s highly memorable both during the experience, and afterwards. We find captures of the final results are often incredibly useful in post event summaries.

2/ If something higher tech is needed, we can draw digitally via laptop and tablet and connect to a screen or project onto a wall. These are already high res, perfectly ready to share digitally at the end of the event.

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visual facilitation

What is it?

Sitting with an individual or a group to discuss an idea, often a business service, how it works, who it's for and what the benefits are; then translating that into an image that will best communicate it to your audience, in a style that will resonate.



Most frequently we do this as part of a workshop where we can circulate between groups and provide quick sketches for pitches within the session. Attendees often find this highly energising, and allow them to crystallise their thinking faster.

One to One

This is a popular way of exploring a new sub brand, business idea, service or product development, within an existing business’ services. The result is often used to test with internal stakeholders or customers.


Creating bespoke images for formal pitch documents in a distinct style, can be an incredibly useful way of tailoring your pitch document in a way that gives you stand out from competitors.

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